Category: General

It has been a long time since we last used this blog. Our original intention was to use this part of the site to introduce best practices and a better understanding of the new standards (as they were back then), for HTML5 and CSS3. But we found that other sites were doing it better and decided to discontinue what other sites started doing better.

Instead, from now on, we will concentrate on developing posts about the areas that our clients should understand better; such as project management, how we work with our clients, and aspects of web hosting, maintenance, security, etc., that they should understand.

As anyone who works in the internet industries will know: a web site cannot stand still. Even if it is a static web site, it must keep track of the latest updates, patches and security features. If it does not, it puts its customers at risk and may fail to meet its legal obligations. This blog will move towards improving understanding of these factors, and how good maintenance should be conducted regularly.

Posted on February 14th, 2022