How to create your own Twitter background

There have been a number of blog posts covering Twitter background images. Most articles give general guidance on the dimensions of the background. Very few of them advise on where to place objects in the background. The reason for this is that the Twitter interface relies on the screen resolution of the viewer’s computer and […]

How to write a creative brief

This post is the second part of my 5 stages of project management series and covers the most important aspect of the first stage; writing a brief for a web design project. Why is this important? Web design projects are only ever successful if two things can be achieved at the same time: You provide […]

5 stages of project management

This is the first part of a series of posts detailing how Redcentaur manages web design projects for its clients. In this post is an overview of the five stages we use to develop web sites. Detail will be provided in future posts that link each of these stages together. While steps used within these […]

How to use custom fonts with cufon

Are you bored of using the same old ‘web-safe’ fonts on your sites? Developers have been looking for ways to solve the old problem of having just a few fonts available across platforms for some time. The most recent methods of font replacement, such as SWIFr, used flash technology to transform text into a replacement […]

Is IE6 dead?

There has been much debate in recent weeks about the death knells of Internet Explorer 6; particularly since .net magazine ran an article in its February 2009 issue ( ), which has been supported by some designers. IE6 is well known for its quirky interpretation of web standards and for requiring significant code hacks to […]